About North Kiteboarding

North Kiteboarding has been the global number one brand in kiteboarding for over 20 years. The brand is owned by North Actions Sports Group. North Kiteboarding has been at the forefront of putting kiteboarding on the map. No other brand has won more events, produced more world champions or product innovations. North Kiteboarding’s new product range is currently under development and will be released globally in June 2019 for the 2020 model year.

About North Actionsports Group (“NAG”)

North Actionsports Group is located in The Netherlands with operations in the US and Australia. North Actionsports Group owns and manages multiple sports brands including North Kiteboarding.

North’s product development and brand management is based in New Zealand, lead by Mike Raper. Operations and the Sales Headquarters will be based at Mystic/North Actionsports Headquarters in The Netherlands to ensure a high level of service for a global market.

North Actionsports Group will be led by a combination of the Mystic and North Kiteboarding teams who are highly experienced industry innovators and leaders, determined to make kiteboarding sports more accessible, sustainable, innovative and exciting.