Olympic gold medallist and trained engineer, Lowell North

Olympic gold medallist and trained engineer, Lowell North

Our design philosophy

The North brand started in 1957 when Olympic gold medallist and trained engineer, Lowell North, sought to change the world of sailing through precision technology. North pioneered advanced computer modelling in the design and manufacture processes with his understanding of sail forces and structural loads.

Refined. Intuitive. Engineered

Just like our founder, North’s designers and makers are fascinated by the interplay of the elements and the eternal principles of physics.

Nothing teaches design like nature. Only when you feel the unpredictable forces of power of the elements take you away can you understand how to design for the perfect ride. That’s why the North design process starts and finishes on the water.

We can’t help it. It calls to us and we always answer. This compulsive pull pours itself into our obsessive attention to detail on the designing boards and the development tables. We’re always asking ‘Where can there be more power, greater performance, more intuitive intelligence?’. And then, always: ‘How can it be simpler?’

We are fascinated by the excellence in the extremes. How can we create the strongest and the lightest? The simplest and the most technical. The most advanced and timeless. The greatest performance that remains understated.

All North products are known by three defining design principles.

We are: Refined. Intuitive. Engineered.

We are determined to drive the sport of kiteboarding forward through unprecedented technical development and an unwavering commitment to our principles.

This is kiteboarding.
We are North.