North Kiteboarding

The people shaping our brand are first and foremost a team of riders. What absolutely unites us is a desire for a more intuitive, more natural and more powerful experience between water, wind and sky.

We are North

North Kiteboarding

At North we are drawn to nature’s ever-changing playground – where water meets wind.

Every day we are inspired – and humbled - by nature’s engineering genius and her beautiful, intuitive simplicity. To that we add cutting-edge technology from the world’s best design workrooms and decades of performance expertise. The launch of our 2020 collection marks a re-set moment for the North Kiteboarding brand, pivotal to our growth and future trajectory. 

The North brand started in 1957 when Olympic gold medallist and trained engineer, Lowell North, sought to change the world of sailing through precision technology. North pioneered advanced computer modelling in the design and manufacture processes with his understanding of sail forces and structural loads.

Just like our founder, North’s designers and makers are fascinated by the interplay of the elements and the eternal principles of physics.

North Actionsports Group

Our ambition of launching a new era in kiteboarding began in 2018 with the end of a long-standing third-party licensing agreement and our decision to join forces with MBrands, under a new umbrella called North Actionsports Group. 

North Actionsports Group is located in The Netherlands with operations in the US and Australia. North Actionsports Group owns and manages multiple sports brands including North Kiteboarding.

North’s product development, marketing and brand management is based in New Zealand. Operations and the Sales Headquarters are based at North Actionsports Headquarters in The Netherlands to ensure a high level of service for a global market.

Together as North Actionsports Group we form a powerful alliance of passionate, world-class kiters determined to make kiteboarding more visible, more accessible and to take our sport to the next level on the global stage.


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