Nothing teaches design like nature. Only when you feel the unpredictable forces of power of the elements take you away can you understand how to design for the perfect ride. That’s why the North design process starts and finishes on the water.

We can’t help it. It calls to us and we always answer. This compulsive pull pours itself into our obsessive attention to detail on the designing boards and the development tables. We’re always asking ‘Where can there be more power, greater performance, more intuitive intelligence?’. And then, always: ‘How can it be simpler?’

We are fascinated by the excellence in the extremes. How can we create the strongest and the lightest? The simplest and the most technical. The most advanced and timeless. The greatest performance that remains understated.

A New Direction

2020 Kite Collection

Recalibrated for more direct response, more command and performance, and striking the perfect balance between clean lines and aerodynamics. Our kites all have a wide, flattened two-stage arc design, guaranteeing the best hang time and power delivery for their size, with more dynamic steering.

Think Less. Feel More.

The Navigator Control System

In designing our all new Control System we asked ourselves: how can we re-engineer and re-tune one of the most important pieces of gear in our sport? How can we craft and refine it so it feels intuitive and effortless, while performing at the highest level? Sense where your kite is in in the air, move without thinking, switch gears without losing time.

Feel At One

Sonar Foil System

The Sonar range is all about the feeling of freedom. You’ll notice how easy it is to ride and how quickly you feel at one. The range’s modularity delivers the plug and play functionality we’ve always dreamed of, and each individual component has been precisely engineered for uncompromised performance and arranged with structural integrity. 

Dynamic and Responsive

2020 Twintip Collection

The design process – and the ride – is a sensory experience. It’s about how it feels. Using the very best materials, we’ve precisely engineered and refined the flex characteristics of each TwinTip board for a more dynamic and responsive high-performance ride.

Ride in Tune

Flex Bindings

We’ve poured our hearts and souls into the details, with countless prototypes for each connection, each finished piece, to ensure both comfort and performance. Every aspect of design and craft comes back to the feeling that we chase, that we’ve always chased - to feel connected to the power of nature and the elements.

Power. Drive. Response

2020 Surfboard Collection

At North we’re fascinated by the excellence in the extremes. How can we create the strongest and the most flexible? The simplest and the most technical? The most advanced and timeless? The greatest performance that remains understated? Introducing our Futurelite Carbon-Innegra wireframe. For a high-performance surfboard feel.

This is kiteboarding

We are determined to drive the sport of kiteboarding forward through unprecedented technical development and an unwavering commitment to our principles.

We are North