Installation Guides

Harsh conditions can be tough on your gear. To help it last the distance, you can now purchase North Kiteboarding Spare Parts directly from our Online Store.

We recommend professional installation of your Spare Part, so please contact your local North Kiteboarding Retailer for support.

Learn how to install and replace North Kiteboarding Parts by following the instructions linked below. 



Kite Spare Parts




Bladder Leading Edge


Bridle Set


Canopy Repair Material


HyperFlow Straight Hose


Hyperflow Pinch Clamps & Cover


HyperFlow Pump Tubing


Hyperflow Snap Clips


Line Connectors


Strut Replacement Bladders



If you can't find the Installation Guide you are looking for please visit the North Kiteboarding Spare Parts Shop or contact your local North Retailer.