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Gunnar Biniasch's Story

Gunnar Biniasch's Story

01 January 1970

We’re stoked to welcome Gunnar Biniasch to our team of North Ambassadors. Gunner has been flying kites for over 20 years, developing an impressive resume. Gunner is the two-time Spanish Masters Formula Champion, three-time Spanish Formula Vice-Champion and the 2019 Spanish Formula Champion.  

“When the chance came up to join North, I jumped at the opportunity to work with a new company with designers whose work I've admired for a while.  The chance to work with guys like Uli Sommerlat, Pat Goodman and Hugh Pinfold and be involved in helping them develop amazing foiling gear is a dream come true for me.  I've seen some amazing stuff coming soon.”

Gunner taught himself to kite in 1999 in Blackpool England. “I was kite-buggying quite a lot in those days, so it was an easy progression onto the water.  Lots of swimming in those days, as water-relaunchable kites still hadn't made an appearance.”

Gunner moved to Fuerteventura in 2002 to work as a kite instructor at the Flag Beach Kitesurf Centre.  Gunner developed skills and teaching techniques that have made Flag Beach one of the most successful Kite Centres in the world.  

In 2004, Gunner began competing full-time, winning the 2010 German Kite Race Championship. Gunner went on to be a high-level Formula Kite racer while pushing for the sport to become Olympic.

Gunner was an early adapter into foiling, designing and testing his own foils from 2010. 

Today, Gunner continues to foil at a top international level. Gunner is also heavily into SUP, Surf foiling and now Wind Winging. Gunner is highly regarded for his YouTube channel, posting raw reviews and superb how-to-videos.

We’re stoked to have Gunner riding North.

“I am really impressed with the finish of the North Sonar foils.  Everything is perfectly finished and fits together seamlessly.  The Foils are awesome to surf with thanks to the short fuselage and stiff mast. The Sonar Foils all carve super tight and allow me to do some nice and aggressive wave riding.”

“For foiling, I love the Reach kites.  They are so light and nimble in the sky, and super stable.  I can really just concentrate on my riding and not worry about the kite.  It is a match made in heaven for me.”

“I also love to go out and boost with a TwinTip and foil. For boosting, the Orbit is my weapon of choice.  It just rips you off the water and is so easy to control during the jump.  I am loving the 136 Atmos.  It’s nice and light and perfect for my favourite board-off tricks.”

“It also has to be said that the kite bags are amazing, especially for foilers. The Foil Patch on the shoulder strap makes carrying foils so much more comfortable.  It really shows the attention to detail.”

Gunner hopes to produce more foil videos in the coming months.  He also plans to spend more time TwinTipping, hoping to retake the Fuerteventura Woo Height record and be the first to jump over 25 metres on the island.

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