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Review by Reach

03 April 2020

Jeff Howard at provides an honest review of the Reach kite, highlighting the small detail that has gone into Pat Goodman's design. 

He explains how this is the perfect all round kite, as "this thing responds so fast - it is a lot of fun to fly". Everyone has been waiting for North to launch this kite. 

"When you put the action into the bar it's ready to go and that is what I love about a kite. I take these out and I teach people on them and then once they are done I take off riding and enjoy my ride. The Reach is phenomenal in that." says Jeff. 


Jeff has years of experience and has seen lot of kite manufacturing and he vouches for Cheif Kite Designer, Pat Goodman's attention to detail in this kite. 

Watch the full review of the Reach kite from here.


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