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North Kiteboarding - Review - Real Watersports - Reach

Review by Real Watersports: Reach

27 April 2020

Matt Nuzzo from REAL Watersports reviews the new North Reach. 

"When you get on this kite you kind of just feel automatically connected." "It is so user friendly, I didn't even have to think about it." 

"We tested it on the foils, we tested it kitesurfing, we tested it just flat water boosting and all of it performed at really really high marks." 

Matt explains how the Reach hits the mark across all categories (big air, surf, freeride and foil) and they are stoked with it's performance. 

Matt talked to North Team Rider and Winner of Red Bull King of the Air 2020, Jesse Richman about the Reach kite and explains how Jesse could take this kite anywhere in the world and ride at a really high level. 

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