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North Kiteboarding - Jesse Richman - Reach - Foiling

Review by Shaun Bennett: Foiling with the North REACH

19 April 2020

Shaun Bennett provides a review of what it is like foiling with the Reach

Shaun Bennett, a well-known figure in the kiteboarding industry, took the Reach out in 12-14mph winds and was pleasantly surprised at how responsive it was even in such light winds. 

"Some of the downloop transitions to toeside, where I just lost all my momentum - total pilot error - I was so surprised how the kite still pulled it off and could climb to the top, even when you didn't think it was going to." 


The Reach is lightwind optimised, meaning the stable and balanced fuller profile delivers power and efficiency in every condition.

Shaun says "That kite never hesitated to climb back up to the top - every time. Super stoked with how it performs in lightwind".

Watch the full review here.

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