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North Kiteboarding - Reach - Review - Shaun Bennett

Review: The North Reach with Shaun Bennett

04 April 2020

Shaun Bennett, a well known figure in the kiteboarding industry from the US, gives an honest review of the Reach kite. 

"It's ridiculous" says Shaun "I can literally do full blown boogie loops on a 12m" as he explains the super direct feeling you have when riding the Reach. 

He describes simply how Pat Goodman has designed this kite perfectly to ensure zero delays and zero drag with very little resistance when it is flying through the air. 


The Reach evolved from a calculated fusion of the Orbit, Pulse and Carve. For Shaun, the Reach is between the Orbit and the Pulse in terms of bar pressure, allowing you to feel exactly where the kite is at all times. 

"You can literally stop this thing on a dime" says Shaun due to the light bar pressure and steering impulse for a fast response with tight turning radius.

"I've never had a kite that I can rely on so much to catch me on the loops."

"This kite is absolutely amazing" says Shaun. Check out Shaun's review here and follow Shaun Bennett for more reviews in the future. 

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