Connect InterLoop Set

Short / Long / Slide Surf

Our Toolless Interchangeable Harness Loops come in four sizes for different disciplines. The Navigator Control System comes complete with the 23cm Standard Freeride Loop, so we've packaged the other three interloops as one set. The set includes the Wave/Freeride Short Loop, which enables closer reach for smaller riders; the Freestyle/Unhooked/Wakestyle Long Loop for advanced riders only (no security finger) and the Slide Surf/Foil Loop for ultimate freedom (really excels in toeside riding) and use with rope harness.





Short Freeride Loop, Long Freestyle Loop, Slide Surf Loop

Code: 85007.200130

"I've always had a desire for one tool that does everything, especially as our sport has matured into many different kite disciplines."– Hugh Pinfold, Director of Design and Engineering

Switch Effortlessly

Push, twist, pull, lock and go. Change quickly between disciplines with our toolless interchangeable loop connection system.