Hexcel Coremat Finset

Thruster Setup

Lightweight hexagonal-core thruster fins are designed to maintain the flex characteristics of a glass fin with optimum strength to weight ratio. Large fins are more raked and carve well with hold. Medium fins are more upright with less tip area, creating minimal drag for more speed and release.


Lightweight Hexcel Core

Honeycomb core material with hexagonal cells for optimised flex, weight and strength.

Medium or large sizeDurable fibreglass sandwich constructionProvided with all Surfboards


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3 x North Hexcel Coremat Fins

Code: 85008.200070

Futurelite Technology

At North we’re fascinated by the excellence in the extremes. How can we create the strongest and the most flexible? The simplest and the most technical? The most advanced and timeless? The greatest performance that remains understated? Introducing our Futurelite Carbon-Innegra wireframe. For a high-performance surfboard feel.