Performance Foil Board

Enjoy a responsive riding experience with the North Scoop. Dedicated performance foiling with a lightweight EPS core. Your ideal expedition partner for comfortable long distance foil missions or an after work sundowner.


Touchdown recovery

Ultra-scooped nose rocker to prevent nose-diving and lift you back up on the foil immediately.

Tactile responseAdjustable track systemTrack system is structurally integratedFoil sold separately





Board, Scoop Foil Board Screw Set, Free Foil Strap Set (Self-Tapping)

In stores December 2019

Code: 85002.200008

"Foiling uncompromised. Nothing more needed."– Uli Sommerlatt, Foil Designer

Extend Your Playtime

The Sonar range is all about the feeling of freedom. You’ll notice how easy it is to ride and how quickly you feel at one. The range’s modularity delivers the plug and play functionality we’ve always dreamed of, and each individual component has been precisely engineered for uncompromised performance and arranged with structural integrity.

Load Pause

"The Scoop's curved nose and concaved deck makes it super easy to get up and stay up. It's almost impossible to nose dive."– Nick Jacobsen