Sonar 1150

Freeride / Surf / Wake Front Wing

Loose and carvy feeling with an early takeoff so you are up and riding sooner. Freeride or wakefoil with confidence on this stable foil with easy progression.


Effortless performance

And speed in the bottom end of wind range.

ProgressiveCrossover to Surf/SUPLow stall speed


1150 cm2  



Sonar 1150, Foil Screw Pack F

Buy online January 2020

Code: 85010.200076

"I've been super stoked on the 1150 Foil - it's not only very very fun, but super easy to use, strong and durable."– Jesse Richman

Extend Your Playtime

The Sonar range is all about the feeling of freedom. You’ll notice how easy it is to ride and how quickly you feel at one. The range’s modularity delivers the plug and play functionality we’ve always dreamed of, and each individual component has been precisely engineered for uncompromised performance.