Sonar 1650 Front Wing

Surf / SUP / Wake / Wing Foil


Black Sand: 1650 cm²


Front Wing with Cover
Foil Screw Pack E

CODE: 85010.200077

Freedom to soar

The ultimate in soaring comfort and performance, the lightweight carbon sandwich Sonar 1650 delivers a stable platform for surf foiling, with real crossover between Foil Surf and SUP Foil for all rider weights. With an extremely low profile for an incredibly efficient lift to drag ratio, effortless transitions between toe-side and heel-side, and an unbelievably low stall speed.


Rounded outline with optimised profile

Creates a stable, forgiving platform.

Effortless transitions

Between toe-side and heel-side.

Extremely low profile

For an incredibly efficient lift to drag ratio.

Unbelievably low stall speed

Efficient glide, optimised for pumping and carving for all rider weights.

Carbon sandwich construction with 3K finish

Lightweight foam core with premium 3K Carbon finish for an optimum strength to weight ratio.


Review by Mac Kiteboarding: Scoop and Sonar Review

"The 1650 was perfect for bigger riders who want to get up and cruise around, but have more stability."
- Blake Oslen

Review by The Kiteboarder: North 2020 Sonar Surf Edition

"The Sonar offers up a good middle of the road combo of speed range, allowing riders to enjoy slow tight carvy turns while accessing a faster medium speed high-end for booking it back upwind."