Sonar Surf Edition

1650 Wing + 70 Mast

The large 1650 Surf wing delivers a stable platform with very low drag to lift ratio and is paired with the 70cm Mast for endless carving. Pump with ease to connect multiple waves. A real crossover from Kite Foil to Foil Surf, SUP Foil, Wake Foil and Tow Foil Surf for all rider weights. Make use of the fully interchangeable Sonar Foil System to extend your playtime on the water. The Sonar Foil System can be mounted to any foil board with a 165x90mm bolt pattern.


Interchangeable foil parts

Customise your ride with our fully modular system by changing to an 1150 or 850 Front Wing and an 85cm Mast to cover a wide range of disciplines and riding styles.

Carbon 1650 Front WingRounded outline with optimised profileEffortless transitionsExtremely low profileHydrodynamically-optimised Fuselage shapeComposite Rear StabilizerBreach Recovery70cm Aluminium MastStrong and lightGeoLockBoard Adaptor165x90mm bolt pattern





1650 Front Wing, Stabilizer, 70cm Mast, Fuselage, Board Adaptor, Foil Tool Set, Foil Screw Packs A, B, C and E, Wing cover, Stabilizer Cover, Sonar Travel Bag

In stores January 2020

Code: 85004.200066

"The Sonar System is extremely intuitive - I was surprised at how easy to use it was and how first try worked like I've been riding on it for years."– Jesse Richman

Modular Foil technology. Plug and Play.

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"You maximise your time on the water if you add foiling to your day-to-day kiting experience. With this set up you can go out in like zero winds - it's fun to mix it up."– Jalou Langeree