Waist Leash

Adjustable Belt with Leash


Black: O/S


Waist Belt with elasticised nylon webbing leash

CODE: 85010.210032

Keep it all under control

This lightweight waist belt with sliding harness attachment points for both your board leash and your handheld wing leash is adjustable for all waist sizes. Will double as a wing-foil harness with a spreader bar and Adjustable Harness Line (sold separately).

Lightweight slimline design with comfort lining


Adjustable for all waist sizes

With quick release safety system

Sliding attachment points

Attach both foilboard and wing leash to the same belt - one up, one down. 

 Includes Elasticised nylon webbing wing leash

For easy grip and fast wing retrieval.

Lightweight slimline design with comfort lining