Short Freeride Loop

Surf / Freeride

Our Toolless InterLoops come in four sizes for different disciplines. The Short Freeride Loop enables closer reach for smaller riders. Switch effortlessly between disciplines with our patented modular harness loop replacement system - no tools required. For secondary safety a LockGuard flexible safety ring with pull-tab secures the loop connection and prevents accidental release of your InterLoop. Constructed from optimised TPU material for flex and durability.





Short Freeride Loop

Code: 85001.200021

"I've always had a desire for one tool that does everything, especially as our sport has matured into many different kite disciplines."– Hugh Pinfold, Director of Design and Engineering

Think Less Feel More

In designing our all new Control System we asked ourselves: how can we re-engineer and re-tune one of the most important pieces of gear in our sport? How can we craft and refine it so it feels intuitive and effortless, while performing at the highest level? Sense where your kite is in in the air, move without thinking, switch gears without losing time.



"How didn't anyone think of this before? Previously when I travelled I'd have to take a whole bar because changing the loop was such a mission. Now I can click one out, click another in and I have a whole new control system!"– Bruna Kajiya