The North team are made up of world-class designers and engineers with decades of experience and a daily obsession to ride.


Pat Goodman, Chief Kite Designer

An industry authority on kite design and innovation for the past 18 years, Goodman’s ability to understand and translate rider requirements into high-performance kite designs puts him among the world’s most awarded, respected and successful kite designers.

The thousands of hours that he’s clocked on the beach and the multitude of kite prototypes he’s developed over the years has given Goodman true hands on experience in developing and testing. His trained eye enables him to meticulously refine a kite’s bridling and performance on the spot. Pat is in nature’s workshop – and the North design workroom – on a daily basis, crafting and fine-tuning our breakthrough MY2020 range, designed to assist the flow between rider and nature for performance at a whole new level.


Hugh Pinfold, Director of Design and Engineering

Hugh’s inspiration comes from being out in nature, doing a sport that makes you be present and in the moment. Hugh believes in the balance of yin and yang – the power and simplicity of nature meeting the energy and progressive push of technology.

As kiteboarding matures he sees the tendency in the industry to keep adding to design and functionality but believes that can lead to complexity for complexity’s sake. He believes that the key is to sit down and get back to exactly what is needed and what is not and to craft every detail with fine precision. It’s very hard to be simple and powerful and he has made it his life’s work.

Hugh spends his time sourcing the best materials and technical craft from the world’s finest and then puts it to work between wind and water.


Uli Sommerlatt, Product Manager

Uli Sommerlatt is a naval architect and engineer with more than 20 years of experience in cutting-edge design and innovation, most recently as on-site built support engineer for Oracle Racing in the 35th America’s Cup campaign.

Uli brings an analytic and scientific approach to product design drawn from his engineering expertise and years of experience in yacht and foil design. As an experienced kiteboarder Uli respects the intelligence of nature but is inspired to take evolution one step further through the application of technology.


Nick Jacobsen, Team Manager

The 2017 King of the Air champion and all-round Danish daredevil Nick Jacobsen is our irrepressible Team Manager.

Nick is a true pioneer in the world of kiteboarding with an adventurous spirit and a thrist for pushing boundaries, he knows what it takes to be a professional athlete and is ready to share this with the next generation of riders.

Harnessing Nick’s restless energy and drive for innovation is exciting for the North Kiteboarding team.

Nick is working closely with Chief Kite Designer Pat Goodman, in the development of our 2020 range.

Like his fellow makers, Nick is driven by a desire to take the sport to a new level so every rider can feel the alchemy of wind and water and experience a single moment of perfection and freedom.