Model Year 2020

We are at a pivotal moment in our history. In August 2019 we will launch our 2020 range.

It will mark a new era in kiteboarding and the beginning of a new chapter for us as a company.

Great change comes from great preparation.

The North 2020 range is a year in the making because we are committed to taking the sport and passion of kiteboarding to new heights.

We will share our industry-leading range soon but for now we’re in the workshop. Every day.

We will take our testing and fine-tuning down to the wire so that we’re sure we’ve delivered the best equipment on the market.

In our relentless pursuit of the best materials and latest technology available we’re pushing our design to feel as intuitive, highly engineered and powerful as nature itself.

Every detail incorporates hands-on engineering and craftsmanship – from our sourcing to our cutting, shaping, stitching and seams.

The North 2020 range will be like no other.

This is kiteboarding.

We are North.